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  • Please note that no fee will be levied for according tree felling permission under this portal.
  Important Instructions:-

This online tree felling permission software is not meant for areas falling within the limits of Municipal Committee/ Council, Nagar Panchayat & Cantonment Board.

There will be no restrictions on the number of trees to be felled for purposes of bonafied domestic uses of fodder and fuel.

Land owners may for their bonafied domestic and agricultural use fellthree trees of coniferous (except Chil trees) and in case of Chil and other trees five trees each year without permission and upto 10 trees with the writtn permission of the Range Officer concerned and more than 10 trees with written permission of the Divisional Forest Officer concerned.
In case of Bamboos there shall be no restrictions on number to be felled for bonafide domestic purposes or for use in their own cottage industries/ sale.
  List of species of trees exempted from seeking felling permission under LPA 1978 and Rules made there under as per the latest amendment vide Order No. FFE-B-A(3)-1/2017 dated 20.04.2017 is as under:  
Kala Siris/ Ohi/ Siris, Kachnar/ Karial, Safeda, Kimu/ Chimu/ Shahtoot/ Tut/ Mulberry, Poplar, Indain Willow/ Buins, Bamboo culms/ Lathi bans/ Maggar/ Dharainch/ Bans, Japanese Shahtooot/ Paper Mulberry, Paik/ Koi/ Kosh/ Kunis/ Kunish/ Nyun, Khirk/ Khadki, Darak/ Bakin, Fagoora/ Phagoora/ Tiamble/ Timla/ Tirmal/ Angiri/ Cluster fig/ Gooler, Toon, Jamun, Teak/ Sagun/ Sagwan, Arjun, Semal/ Shalmaktas, Bihul/ Beul/ Bhimal/ Bhi-unal/ Dhaman, Paza/ Padam, Kamala/ Raini/ Rohan/ Rohini/ Sinduri, Aam (Wild Variety), Rishtak/ Ritha/ Dode, Ban (For domestic use only and maximum up to Five Trees).
  Documents to be uploaded while applying Tree Felling Permission online:

Copy of approval received from GoI under FCA 1980 (In case of Forest Land (FCA) only)

Proof of owenership (Land Revenue Papers)

Demarcation report of the land concerned where trees are standing issued by competent Revenue Officials

Abstract of enumeration list of the trees species wise, class wise

Approval of the Government for setting up the industry infrastructure facility

Where Non-Forest Govt. Land is involved (only when sporadic trees are standing on the land i.e. trees not in a cluster of 20-20 at a place)

Proof of the industry that it is set up for public purpose (if the land where it is being set up is as per pera 7(iii) of order dated 10 September 2002 under LPA 1978)

Application of the applicant

Photo Identity (Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Ration Cad etc.)



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